Payments and 30-day refunds policy:

In entering your card details, you authorise IGFollowers’s payment provider to deduct the amount of the transaction (of your order) using the card details you’ve entered. The usage of Cardinity’s SSL encryption is to guarantee the acceptance of payments in a secure and dependable manner.

When IGFollowers defines fraudulent payment, IGFollowers defines the following: making an order on IGFollowers with card details without the authorisation/consent of the cardholder.

In the case of a fraudulent payment made on IGFollowers by you, IGFollowers holds the right to reset all followers, views and likes, extinguish the account details, and—if necessary—have the purchaser’s IP address perpetually banned to prevent future fraudulent payment(s).

In the case of a fraudulent payment made on IGFollowers, IGFollowers will protect the cardholder by refunding the total amount made to IGFollowers and prevent the card from being used again by placing a block through Cardinity payments.

IGFollowers guarantees a 100% refund policy within 30-days of your payment. In the event you’re not happy with your services offered by IGFollowers, contact IGFollowers with the following details:

  • Your order number
  • Billing name

IGFollowers will issue a 100% refund, no questions asked within 30-day of payment. If your payment has elapsed the period of 30 days of making the initial payment, refunds will be offered by IGFollowers based on the circumstance of your order.

Please view the “Contacting IGFollowers” section to view further details on contacting IGFollowers above.

IGFollowers offers one off-payments only. IGFollowers does not store any of your payments. Your payment is processed by a secured payment provider (Cardinity). IGFollowers does not perform any recurring payments.

All payments are processed in GBP (British Pound sterling). IGFollowers offers payments in GBP and USD.


IGFollowers is not in partnership or affiliated with Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media network. If you’re a user of Instagram, it is your obligation and responsibility to comply with regulations, rules, laws set out by Instagram.
There are no guarantee of the server of IGFollowers going uninterrupted, or of the service becoming error free from technical issues.

IGFollowers’s services offered comprise of the following:

  • UK Instagram Followers
  • UK Instagram Likes
  • UK Instagram Views

IGFollowers’s services range from £1.29 to £82.50.

When placing an order with IGFollowers:

  • All orders are processed immediately and automatically after payment.
  • Orders take less than 3-hours after payment to fulfil completely.
  • Immediately after making payment, you’re covered by IGFollowers’s 30-day refunds policy.
  • As IGFollowers only offers service that requires no physical delivery, there are no international/national export fees involved.

If you’re requesting a refund, or have any issues in regards to IGFollowers’s service or your order, please view the “payments and refunds policy section”.